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Septic Tank Installations

Portable Toilet Company, can install septic tanks for any size property, or replace existing ones. Our service includes drainage pipes and soak-away system.

A septic tank is usually the shape of a bottle, which settles and partially digests the settled sewage. However, the effluent from a correctly sized tank still contains about 70% of the original polluting matter. The liquid is discharged into a soakaway system of land drains, which the allows the ground to treat the pollutants.

Portable Toilet Company, will perform a percolation test to see whether or not your grounds will absorb the liquid and remove the pollutants. If your grounds cannot do this (e.g Clay) then a cess pit may be needed in some circumstances. The septic tank should be emptied at least every year which we can do as part of our service to you.

A consent will be required for your new installation, If your septic tank and land drainage system is unable to treat the sewage, then one of the following methods will be required:

  • Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Reed Bed system
  • Modern Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Pumping Station

Our Services

Septic Tank Emptying

Tank Emptying

We have a small fleet of liquid-waste disposal tankers. Which enables us to remove and safely dispose of your liquid waste. Whether it’s a cesspit, holding tank, or any other facility where effluent removal is required.

Tank Emptying At Building Sites

This consists of a complete wash of the toilet on-site, emptying of the effluent tank, replenishing consumables and general inspection for any damage.

We can provide more consumables and servicing should you require it.

Tank Emptying At Domestic Properties

You can schedule our team to come and empty your tank on a regular basis or contact us to do a tank empty as and when you need it. Our service is reliable and professional and we endeavour to be with you within 48 hours or less.

From septic tanks to small swimming pools, we can do tank emptying for any property where we can get our vehicles on site.